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Messe München is one of the largest business fair companies in the world and it operates the main convention and exhibit centers in Munich, Germany. Connecting people across the globe for more than 5 decades, the portfolio has more than 200 events in Germany, China, India, Turkey, South Africa, Nigeria, Vietnam, Iran and Brazil, in addition to having representatives in approximately 70 countries.

As part of the international expansion strategy, in 2017 the subsidiary Messe Muenchen do Brasil was founded with the purpose of bringing to the national market the levels of excellence and innovation established at the headquarters in Germany and supporting the development of business fairs in a specialized and internationalized direction.

Our mission: offering our clients and the markets where we operate the best platform for successful business.

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Messe München GmbH

For more than five decades, Messe München has connected people around the world through its platforms for exchanging experiences and doing business.

One of the main organizers of trade fairs in the world and responsible for the operation of the ICM pavilions – International Congress Center München and MOC Veranstaltungscenter München, Messe München annually organizes 45 own business fairs and more than 200 events in countries such as China, India, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, Nigeria, Vietnam and Iran. In addition to having approximately 70 representatives around the world.

By launching Messe Muenchen do Brasil, Messe München aims to promote and deliver business fairs that regionally develop the company’s target markets, always with a view to strengthening business. 

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